Skipton Craven Charter Dinner.

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Skipton Craven on a great night celebrating their 28th Charter. At £20 a ticket, it must be one of the best value Charters in the District, no wonder over 80 people turned up with visitors from 12 other clubs.  A sizeable Fish Platter to start, perfectly cooked Braised Steak in shallot and red wine sauce with generous amounts of green vegetables and potatoes, followed by a choice of warm sweets with either custard, cream or ice cream. I have to confess to not having a pudding but judging by the reduction in the noise level, everybody definitely enjoyed them.

Just when I was wondering about sneaking off home to nurse a very contented tummy, President Elect George Garland stood up and gave what must be the best Toast to RI and RIBI I have ever heard, a point not missed by District Governor Hazel. If that was what the ‘warm up’ speaker could do, I had to stay and listen to the rest of them. I did not regret it; DG Hazel and President John Utley were a perfect double act and John Spencer, the Ex England Rugby Union Captain rounded off the evening perfectly with a number of thought provoking, interesting and humorous stories. One thing that John Spencer did say that will remain with me, “The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity”. Now that must be a candidate for a Rotary International theme for the year. I have no idea how these things work, but does anybody think we should try and get it considered for a Rotary International theme in the future?

Thanks again to President John and everyone who made me and all the guests feel so welcome.

Finally, if anybody sees a man in a kilt wondering around Skipton with confused look on his face, tell Mark Stewart-Clarke he’s “got the wrong night, Skipton Craven Charter was on Tuesday 12th April!”

RobertSkipton Craven Menu card 12.4.16


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